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Terms and Conditions


Terms and agreementsservering keys Producer Agreement: 1. This partnership is non-exclusive and lasts as long as YOU want it to. There are no hidden agendas and we will never lock you into something you don’t want to be a part of. 2. SERVING KEYS owns 5% on any of your publishing or collect your publishing royalties. SERVING KEYS does not represent or manage you. 3. You can dissociate at any time. 4. You are NOT required to upload instrumentals. You can delete instrumentals at any time. 5. SERVING KEYS has the right to delete instrumentals from your folder that do not meet our requirements. 6. If SERVING KEYS secures any placements for you with Major Label Artists or Independent Artists outside of SERVING KEYS artist pool, SERVING KEY Publishing will retain a percentage no greater than 5% of said placement. 7. If Serving keys secures any TV/Film or licensing placements for you, Serving keys Publishing will receive 5% of any advances and retain a percentage no greater than 5% publishing/royalties of said placement. 7. If you sell a beat exclusively, you agree to remove it from your production folder. 8. You agree to never sell beats to serving keys artists. If we discover that you are selling beats to any of our artists, you understand that we will remove you from the serving keys platform. 8. By accepting these terms you agree to never upload a single or album on your own and list serving keys Presents as the record label/musicgroup. You are welcome to release your own music whenever and wherever you’d like, but never listing serving keys as the record label/music group if it has not been uploaded and distributed by us. 9 If any of our terms are violated, serving keys has the right to cancel your servingkeys affiliation effective immediately. 11. You understand that submitting instrumentals to this library gives us full rights to shop the songs to other artists outside of servingkeys, A&Rs and managers for consideration. 12. You understand that we can place and release a song you have produced without your consent if we are unable to reach you (you will always be notified via email beforehand if a track is placed or to be released). You have the right to tell us if you would like to be uncredited on any releases. You will always regain your royalty percentage if contact is re-established after a release.

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