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Song Royalties

Earn more Song Royalties by Expanding Your Audience

When you work with Serving Keys, you retain the rights to your music! Our non-exclusive agreement means we will work hard to grow your audience, benefiting both of us. See a larger cut of your song royalties land in your bank account, as we believe that paying the artist a fair rate means more awesome music will be released! We will work to put your sound in front of channels, stations, and distributors looking for the next new track, giving them the opportunity to pay you for your talent.

Our Key Placements Get Your Songs and Beats where They are Heard

Every time you purchase our Key Placements service, sit back and watch our crew go to work. We will pitch your tunes to music buyers, curators, and clearing houses. Your non-exclusive agreement means that you can continue to pitch your work through other mediums, while you benefit from clicks and plays through our placements. Watch your returns start to grow when you invest in a monthly placement budget with Serving Keys.

Build Your Website, Add Cover Art, Studio Time and More

We are not just about connecting music producers with radio, YouTube channels, and music services. We are also here to help you make a better product. We are an entire community of cover artists, marketing gurus, mix masters, and composers. Need a place to record your next hit? Ask us about our studio time options. We know there is much more to making music than playing the guitar. Find everything you can think of for producing a new song in one easy spot.

See your royalties take off when you sign up as a Producer with Serving Keys today. It only takes a few minutes to complete our application and pay for your first month of marketing support.

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