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Song Distribution

Easy and Flexible Song Distribution Services and Support

Are you looking for more portals to grow your fan base for your music? Serving Keys is here to help with song distribution and marketing. Sign on as a producer and add your completed music video to our Video Playlist. The movers and shakers in the industry will have more opportunities to check out your groove! The Serving Keys team can help negotiate a new contract, point you in a new direction, and forge new connections within the community.

Music Marketing at Your Fingertips

Are you looking for cover art? Need new placements to increase daily plays and clicks? Does the song need some professional mixing to reach a new market? Our music marketing services and solutions grow with each new day. We bring professionals from across the scene together in one common spot, so you can connect with the person needed to complete the album or help it reach new audiences. When you are shooting for the stars, adding an extra tool in your box of magic is always worth it.

Collaborating with Fellow Artists to Create Accessible Tunes for Your Fans

Our music library is overflowing with fresh new beats uploaded by our artists. Find one that kick starts your next new song. Reserve some studio time to get your band in for a rehearsal. As a member producer you get access to all of our fabulous services, including distribution support. Bring your inspiration, motivation, and vision and connect with a team of people ready to give voice to your new music.

Sign up today as a Producer and opt for a fast and affordable placement month. We will showcase your new music in front of the movers and shakers to help it get airplay and even a contract! Sign up for our Video Playlist and watch thousands connect with your sound from across the globe.

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