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Song Editing

Access Song Editing Services for a Professional Track

You have the rough cut, and it's awesome! Where do you turn for song editing when you lack the equipment? Serving Keys works with music professionals across the industry and offers access to studio and rec/tech equipment for our growing network of producers. If you are a songwriter and want to find someone to help you turn out a more professional product, sign up with us and find a wealth of support with just a few clicks.

Mixing Mastering and Polish

Does your new song need a different beat to propel it through the charts? Scroll through our available music library full of beats, clips, and tunes waiting to find their time in the spotlight. You will be mixing mastering and cranking out the hits when you have a serious source of beats at your fingertips. Download the beat on a common license and add it to your tape to give the extra thump of excitement to your pop, rock, or even country sound.

Sign Up for Studio Time

Are you in need of the equipment to complete your recording and mixing? Our producers have access to a network of music services including studio time in fully equipped locations. Bring in the whole band to make a new cut or simply take your tapes. You can even coordinate with other recording professionals and expand your abilities, giving the new tracks a fresh sound ready to breakout across the airwaves.

There is so much more to producing hit music than finding a great song and singer. Sign up with Serving Keys as a producer and expand your horizons with placement services, our own YouTube video channel, and a wealth of network contacts to help make your music shine.

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