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Library Music

Find Your Next Beat or Upload to Our Library Music

Serving Keys is your source for beats, tunes, tracks, and inspiration. As a Producer, you have access to all of our library music ready to be mixed into your next hot hit. Artists are able to register with our service and upload their creative recordings. Whether you are working to make a name for yourself as a mixer or songwriter, the library is just one more tool to tuck into your music tool box. Click to learn more about contracts, pricing, and shareability of your work.

Get Your Music Out there with Song Review Services

In the digital age, every product needs ratings and reviews to increase its visibility on social platforms and online stores. When launching your next new album, work with us to bring in song review one after another. Our services help your music get placed on the network, streaming service, or YouTube channel where millions can click, listen, and comment. Watch your numbers climb with each song review added to your portfolio.

Building Better Tunes using Our Extensive Library of Fresh Beats and Sounds

Did you pick up a song that was originally recorded for country, but you can hear it climbing the pop charts with a few twists and tweaks. Our Producers can access our extensive music library and connect with rec/tech professionals to give that tune a shot of steroids.

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